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Intern Gun Firing System:  



The objective of this project is to aim and fire a gun with head movement. The head movement is sampled by a PIC24F using both a gyroscope and a magnetic compass. A Cyclone IV FPGA controls two stepper motors to move the gun.

Detailed Descriptions of each section:

User Input

Motor Control

Prototype Builds


  • Hands free targeting via a headset.
  • Precise motor control.
  • Learning MCUs, FPGAs, senors, and electronic communication.

General Description:

The project consists of two distinct parts, a hand held unit connected to the head sensors and a motor control board. The hand held unit samples data from a gyroscope and a compass mounted in a helmet. The sensors communicate with the PIC microcontroller by the I2C communication protocol. The PIC processes and interprets the data. Using the data, an angle command is issued to the motor control system by means of SPI. The motor control system keeps track of the guns current position and updates its position as new commands are received. The hand held unit can also be operated by a two axis Hall Effect joystick. In this mode a speed command is issued to the motor control system.

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