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This page will show you step-by-step how to interface a FLIR Lepton module to the BeagleBone Black/Green.

Hardware Requirements


BeagleBone Black at Digi-Key
BeagleBone Green at Digi-Key

LCD4/LCD7 for BeagleBone Black/Green:
LCD4 at Digi-Key
LCD7 at Digi-Key

FLIR Lepton:
Lepton Breakout Board at Digi-Key
FLIR CAMERA IR 80X60 50 DEGREE 9HZ at Digi-Key
FLIR CAMERA IR 80X60 25 DEGREE 9HZ at Digi-Key


Software Requirements


Install latest console image to eMMC

Today the latest version is: 2016-09-28 (these are just weekly snapshots, so always check for the latest)

Insert microSD into pc adapter and check device node name (in our case /dev/sdd):

Download the *.img.xz and matching *.bmap file, and write to microSD card via bmaptools:

Insert microSD into BeagleBone Black/Green and wait for flashing procedure to finish. (device should shutdown)

Enable g_serial on usb mini connector

Since we will be using an LCD, we will be losing access to the J1 serial debug header on the baseboard.  So let's enable "g_serial" over the usb mini by default.  We can have current am335x_evm boot script to this for us, by removing "udhcpd"


Let's remove udhcpd

On the next reboot:

Using gtkterm we can get access via:

Setup basic window manager

For this project we are going to use openbox & slim to provide a very basic desktop environment on the LCD.

Setup /etc/X11/xorg.conf


Update /boot/uEnv.txt to use the correct dtb for lcd usage

Install device tree overlays for LCD4/LCD7

Shutdown system via:

Install LCD4/LCD7 and powerup BeagleBone Black/Green

Configure SLIM for autologin

Set Default User:


Enable auto-login


Enable openbox:

Lepton qt5 application

Build/Install Lepton application

Apply this patch, to push the application to the upper left:

and finally build the project

AutoStart this application on bootup:

Increase LCD brightness

LCD4 Setup

Enable the "BB_SPIDEV0" overlay:

LCD7 Setup

We need P9.30 for SPIDEV1, which is the enter key on the LCD7, so disable P9.30 in BB-BONE-LCD7-01-00A3.dts

Then rebuild:

Enable the "BB_SPIDEV1" overlay: