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After editing symbols in the Symbol Editor, you must update the symbols in Designer Schematic for changes to be reflected in your libraries and designs. If more than one symbol has changed, or there are multiple components for a changed symbol, you can choose which symbols or components to update.

  1. Select Tools > Update Symbols.
  2. In the Component definition update dialog box, select the checkbox next to the library name of the symbols you want up update (or click Select All to update all symbols listed) and click OK.


Updating Individual Components

After editing a symbol in the Symbol Editor, you can update all instances of that symbol in an open project by doing the following:

  1. Select a symbol.
  2. Right-click > Symbol Update > Update Symbol. The symbol is updated and the highlight on the selected symbol is cleared.

Flag Out-of-Date Symbols

Enable Designer Schematic to flag out-of-date symbols by doing the following:

  1. Open the Advanced Settings window with Tools > Settings > Advanced.
  2. Set the Flag out-of-date symbols checkbox. Out-of-date symbols will be flagged with a blue box in any subsequently opened project.


If you edit a symbol in the Symbol Editor while a project is open in Designer Schematic, any instance of that symbol on the currently opened project may not immediately be flagged. Be sure to use Tools > Update Symbols after you've finished editing symbols in the Symbol Editor.

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