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Designer Schematic makes it easy to modify elements of an existing project. This page will cover replacing symbols, special components, or text in a schematic.


Replacing a Symbol

You can replace selected symbols within a schematic by using the Replace Symbol/Part dialog box. The dialog box lets you select the replacement symbol, control how Designer Schematic handles Ref Designators, part numbers, and property values, and specify whether to replace only the selected symbol or instance of symbols elsewhere in the design. To replace a symbol, use the following procedure:

  1. Select the symbol you want to replace.
  2. Choose the Edit > Replace Symbol menu item or right-click > Replace Symbol. The Replace Symbol/Part dialog box opens.

  3. Click Browse. If it is not already visible, the Designer Parts window appears.
  4. Select the replacement symbol. The selected symbol name appears in the blank field.
  5. Return to the Replace Symbol/Part dialog box and specify options to control the replacement.
  6. Click Replace.

Replacing Special Components

To replace a special component that has been placed on a schematic, right-click the component and navigate to Change. You can then select from the list of special components that appears.

If the component you need to replace the existing component with is not on the list, you can go to Edit > Replace Symbol to replace the component using the procedure outlined under "Replacing a Symbol" above.

Finding and Replacing Text

You can find and replace text in design objects, including components, nets, buses, pins, and text boxes. You can use the following wildcard characters in both the find and replace tabs:

  • ? - Indicates a single character
  • * - Indicates multiple characters

Use the following procedure to find/replace text in a project:

  1. Select Edit > Find/Replace. The Find and Replace Text dialog box opens.

  2. In the Find tab, specify what you are searching for and the scope of the search.
  3. Click More to specify additional search parameters
  4. In the Replace tab, specify the string you want to use to replace the search string.
  5. Use the Find NextFind All, Replace, and Replace All buttons to control how the search and replace are executed.
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