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To create a bill of materials (BOM) from Designer Schematic, you can use the Component BOM Generator. By using values you supply to certain properties on components, you can include or exclude any part from the BOM.

The Component BOM Generator reads schematic databases to extract component property information for generating data files of user-defined format and content. The property data you extract can be any user- or Mentor Graphics-defined symbol, block, or property.

Before generating a BOM, you will first want to package the design for Layout by going to Tools > Prepare for Layout. This will annotate all schematic parts.


Generating a BOM

To generate a BOM, go to Tools > Component BOM Generator. If BOM generation is successful, the Output window will give the location at which the resulting .csv file is saved (by default, the BOM is saved in the project folder).

Uploading a BOM to Digi-Key BOM Manager

You can upload a generated BOM file to the Digi-Key BOM Manager. To get to the BOM Manager from the Digi-Key site, log in with to your Digi-Key account and select Parts Lister/BOM Manager from the top left section of the My Digi-Key page.

Select Create New Parts List (Upload File).

Click Browse and select the BOM text file. For Type, select TAB. Click Upload and Map Fields to map the information from the BOM file into a table.

Once the table is generated, select the columns you would like to upload using the drop-down menus above each column. You must select at least the Quantity and either the SupplierPN or ManufacturerPN.

Click Submit to upload the parts list. Once uploaded, you can order parts, get quotes on the BOM, or generate a new BOM.

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