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There are several ways you might want to manipulate nets or buses after they have been placed. Use the following procedures to edit connectivity.



Matched net routing is not supported in Designer Schematic. 


Select Net and Select Net Branch

Clicking on a net segment will only select the segment. To select a greater portion of the net, you can right-click on a segment and choose either Select Net or Select Net Branch.

Select Net will select the entire net through all connection dots.

Select Net Branch will only select all segments up to a connection dot.

Merging Nets

You can merge two nets or buses with different names and select a single name for the merged net.

  1. Join the two nets together by moving one of the net ends to join with the other.
  2. In the Net Short dialog box, select the desired net name.
  3. Click OK.

Splitting a Net or Bus

To speed up your work, you can place a component on a net or component array onto a bus. This splits the net or bus and creates a serial configuration. You then specify how to name the split net using the Split Net dialog box. This dialog box gives you options to either

  • Keep the existing net name for one side of the split net and rename the other side, or
  • Rename both sides of the split net.

You can toggle between the selection of either side of the split net with the Other Net button.

Selecting the “Assign default names to all pieces” option discards the existing net name on the selected net segment. You can then use the Properties window to assign net names later.

Types of Net Connections

You can create different types of connections, depending on routing mode, preference, or where you are in the process of creating your design.

Creating Intersecting Connections

Designer Schematic creates intersecting connections automatically and denotes them with a solder dot. Two nets that cross make a connection only if a round solder dot appears at the crossing. Any incidental crossing of nets or buses from schematic edits does not imply a connection.

You configure intersecting connections by setting the following:

Tools > Settings > Advanced > Dot Size

Connecting Unconnected (Dangling) Nets to Components

Click on the dangling net box while the Add Net command is activated. You can then stretch the dangling net by dragging the box until it intersects a component pin.

Automatically Creating Connection by Net Names

Any two nets on a schematic that have the same name are automatically connected. That is, they are the same net. This is true even if the nets are located on different pages of the schematic. No special off- or on-page connector is required to connect nets with the same name on different pages.

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