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Beta Notice


This software is in pre-production form and is considered to be Beta Code that is subject to the terms of the current Mentor Graphics End-User License Agreement or your signed agreement with Mentor Graphics that contains beta terms, whichever applies.

We encourage you to post any feedback you have during the beta on the following TechXchange group:


Welcome to the Designer documentation wiki. Here you will find information on how to get started with Designer Schematic and Designer Layout.

Note: Designer Layout will be released after Designer Schematic, so the documentation is still in progress.

If you need help getting your Designer products up and running, see the Installing and Activating Designer Products page.

Below are a few pages to help you get started with Designer. To view full list of pages in this documentation or search for a specific topic, see the sidebar on the left side of this page (to toggle the sidebar on and off, press [ on your keyboard).


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